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CK Design Studio was born out of a passion of mine that I was fortunate enough to discover at a time when I was looking for a productive outlet for my creative side.  While I have done a number of projects for which I received compensation, I do this for pure enjoyment. Growing up playing sports like hockey and golf gave me an adrenaline rush that nothing else could come close to matching..at least not up until these past 5 years or so.  Learning how to become a decent, to good, to perhaps one day a great Designer (specifically as it relates to Web, Graphic and UI Design) has ignited a fire in me that has not been felt since I was a teenager. Yes of course I would welcome projects that have compensation tied to them and I would be with you for the entirety of your journey.  From the initial Strategy Meeting to the launch of whatever it is that ignites that fire in you and beyond, I will be there to offer guidance and support you.  But I would also welcome pro bono work and only take on paid projects that stoked a fire in me on some level, else the results would bare the truth.
M E E T   T H E   B E A G L E S   AND   M Y  B O Y 
M Y   D E S I G N   P R O C E S S
It comes down to this.

If I can take something that I'm passionate about, share it with others and leave an indelible imprint along the way, I will have achieved my goal.  So let's chat and see how best I can help you leave an imprint!  A conversation costs nothing but a bit of our time.  Consider what the cost might be if we don't.

I look forward to hearing about what ignites your passion!
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