Hover Effects, Load Animation and more...
Platform: EditorX
Available On: Desktop

Feature Listing: This demo landing page is meant to showcase a number of effects you may consider in your own design.  You would not typically have this many 'features' in one site design.  The features included are as follows: 
1. Website Load Animation
2. Custom Mouse Pointer
3. Click Triggered Reveal Effect ('Book a Meeting' call to action button in the hero section)
4. Menu Micro-interactions
5. Sticky Text Positioning
6. Hover Triggered Reveal Effect (When placing the focus over any of the design images under 'Create' and again when hovering over the individual Testimonials)
7. Glassmorphism (Across the header of the site, then with the display of the 'Subscribe' and 'Contact' sections)
8. Accordion Styling (Used to display FAQs)

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